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Health insurance is tricky in more ways than one. Start here to better understand the ins and outs, jargon, and more. Then learn more about options to consider and ways to navigate the system.
Female therapist using a tablet computer to take notes while listening to a client.
How Do Mental Health Parity Rules Affect Your Health Insurance?
Senior at dental cleaning
Best Dental Insurance for Seniors of 2022
Employees take the stairs for health
How Are Wellness Programs Regulated?
Even with healthcare costs on the rise, few people are adequately planning for the burden. Here's how a financial advisor could help.
Paying for Physical Therapy: Affordable Care and Positive Outcomes
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Retiring Before Age 65? There Are Health Insurance Options Available
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What Is the Health Insurance Birthday Rule?
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Health Insurance Community Rating vs. Experience Rating
Medical professional talking with a woman
What Is a Health Insurance Guaranty Association?
Man and woman in an agricultural field doing soil testing
How Does Farm Bureau Health Coverage Work?
Tobacco users may face insurance surcharges
Health Insurance Surcharges for Tobacco Users: State and Federal Rules
Doctors use guidelines to make decisions
Medical Guidelines Ensure Quality and Consistency in Health Care
For a secure future you've got to plan for it
What Is Post-Claims Underwriting?
The 6 Best Prescription Discount Cards of 2022
The 6 Best Prescription Discount Cards of 2022
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What Is a High Deductible Health Plan?
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What Is State Continuation Coverage, and Where Is It Available?
Spouses may want to be on the same plan, or they may not. There's no one-size-fits-all answer
Should You and Your Spouse Have Separate Health Insurance Plans?
Health Insurance If You Live in More Than One State
How Health Insurance Works When You Live in Multiple States
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What Is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement?
emergency room care
When Health Insurance Refuses to Cover an ER Visit
Patient talking to the secretary at hospital reception
Minimum Value From Health Insurance: What Does It Mean?
Couple with a baby filling out health insurance paperwork
What Is Self-Insured Health Insurance?
Illinois Rep. Henry Hyde.
What Is the Hyde Amendment?
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What Is a Health Insurance Death Spiral?
dual eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid
What Happens When You Need Both Medicare and Medicaid
Doctor giving patient prescription drugs
Does Health Insurance Cover Transgender Health Care?
Pregnant young mom getting sonogram
Pregnant With No Maternity Insurance? What Now?
A patient presents a health insurance card.
What an Out-of-Network Provider Means
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How to Talk About Health Insurance
Patient in wheelchair talking to nurse in hospital
Do You Know How Your Health Insurance Provider Network Works?
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Your Income Level May Put You in a Medicaid-Eligible Category
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How Healthcare Rationing Works
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Factors to Consider When You Get Health Insurance
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Why You Might Still Owe Even After Meeting Your Healthcare Deductible
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Catastrophic Health Insurance Overview
Female doctor giving a health insurance card to a patient
What to Know About Universal HealthCare Coverage
A doctor fills out a prescription.
Prior Authorization Is a Way to Make Sure Health Care is Covered
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Are Health Insurance Companies Making Unreasonable Profits?
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Best Long-Term Care Insurance Companies of 2021
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What Is Actuarial Value & What Does It Mean for My Health Insurance?
Receptionist giving insurance card to patient.
How Health Plans Prevent Adverse Selection
Doctor helping patient
Health Plans Often Require Pre-Approval for Various Medical Procedures
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COBRA vs. Obamacare: Which Is Better?
Patient paying nurse with credit card in clinic
Deductible vs. Copayment: What's the Difference?
How Your Family Health Insurance Deductible Works
Health care worker with patient
Copay vs. Coinsurance: What's the Difference and Which Is Riskier?
Man leaving an office with his belongings in a cardboard box
Lost Your Health Insurance? Not Open Enrollment? What Now?
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Can't Pay Your Health Insurance Deductible? What Now?
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Learn What the Difference is Between Deductible and Coinsurance
Woman at primary care physician
What to Expect When You Join an HMO
Woman hospitalized in observation status being checked on by her doctor.
What Is Hospital Observation Status?
How Does a Family Aggregate Deductible Work?
Young woman sitting at desk, using laptop
I Missed My Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period. What Can I Do?
Taking care of insurance paperwork and healthcare deductibles
What Counts Toward Your Health Insurance Deductible?
woman paying for medical care
How Health Insurance Co-ops Offer Health Insurance at Reduced Costs
Young couple discussing medical options
Discover What a PPO Is and How It Can Work for You
Why Your Health Insurance Won't Pay for Your Health Care
Charges on a medical bill
What Your Insurance Company Means by Reasonable and Customary
A health insurance ID card.
What to Do If You Have Lost Your Health Insurance
hospital hallway
The Basics of Major Medical Health Insurance
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Learn Why your Health Insurance Premiums Increase Each Year