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    FDA Approves First Treatment Targeting BRCA Mutations in Early Breast Cancer
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    Treating Ectopic Pregnancy Is Not the Same as Abortion Care
    diet culture rejection cover
    In Conversation With Diet Culture
    Hurricane along the coast.
    Hurricanes Impact Public Health for Months After Storm
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    These 6 Diet Changes Can Help Reduce Your Colorectal Cancer Risk
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    Amino Acids in Meat, Milk May Raise Heart Disease Risk
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    Word of the Week: Diagnosis
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    How This ADHD Medication Can Help Manage Traumatic Brain Injuries
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    Rising Blood Pressure in Early Adulthood Tied to Poor Brain Health Later in Life
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    There May Be an RSV Vaccine for Infants Soon
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    Embracing Natural Sugar Changed How I Think About Dessert
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    Will Avoiding Meat Really Lower Your Risk of Cancer?
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    After Trying Countless Diets, I Circled Back to Intuitive Eating
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    What TikTok’s Anger Test Can Tell You About Your Mental Health
    Woman getting a flu shot.
    CDC: Flu Vaccine Was Not Very Effective This Season
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    How Cereal Earned a Place at the Breakfast Table
    pro-choice protest in Austin, Texas
    Research Shows Texas Abortion Ban Didn't Stop People From Seeking Abortion Care
    Older couple measuring blood pressure at home.
    Your Blood Pressure Reading Is Likely More Accurate at Home
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    This Dietitian Is Teaching People to Cook Nutritious African Dishes
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    Analysis: Women Experience More Cancer Treatment Side Effects Than Men
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    Study: Even One Glass of Alcohol Daily May Shrink the Brain
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    Word of the Week: Sublingual
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    Young Adults Can Have Strokes, Too
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    Moderate Calorie Restriction May Strengthen the Immune System, Study Finds
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    Experts Call For Changes to the Way IBS Is Diagnosed
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    WHO Guidelines Encourage Telehealth Abortion Care
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    Researchers Find Potential New Risk Factors and Early Signs of Alzheimer’s
    An older white woman in the garden.
    Housework, Gardening Boosts Heart Health for Older Women
    Man struggling with the heat.
    How Extreme Heat Can Worsen Mental Health
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    You Have to Do More Than Eat Your Veggies to Prevent Heart Disease
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    I Stopped Counting Calories and Started Enjoying the Comforts of Homemade Food
    Word of the Week: Cyanosis
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    Nutrition Education Is More Than Food Labels and Calorie Count
    Medical Advisory Board memebers
    Doctors Call for Systemic Reform to Improve Black Health Experience
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    The Chilling Effects of the Texas Anti-Trans Directive
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    Pandemic Stress Rose People's Blood Pressure
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    Sexual Assault, Harassment Linked to Greater Risk of High Blood Pressure in Women
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    Season Health Wants to Help People Manage Chronic Diseases With Nutrition
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    Minority-Led Health Care Company Fills the Gaps in Senior Health Care
    An illustration of a person's image projected on a screen showing a connection between their gut and brain. Two medical professionals are next to the image.
    What’s the Gut Microbiome Got to Do With Depression?
    Community support.
    How Advocates Are Improving Addiction Treatment in the Black Community
    mediterranean diet
    The Mediterranean Diet Is Hailed as the Gold Standard. But Should It Be?
    There Are Finally Condoms Authorized for Anal Sex
    Older woman getting her flu shot
    CDC Is Considering Recommending a High-Dose Flu Shot for Adults Over 65
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    FDA Updates Side Effects For 3 Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs
    destruction of HIV
    Is Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant a Feasible Treatment for HIV?
    Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate, But Diagnosis Does
    An older white adult female showing a wearable medical alert device to a female presenting caretaker of color.
    Wireless Tech Helps Keep Seniors in Assisted Living Safe
    Vagus nerve.
    Can Stimulating the Vagus Nerve Actually Transform Your Health?
    Physical therapy.
    Paralyzed Patients Are Walking Again After Spinal Cord Stimulation
    chronic back pain
    How Does Chronic Pain Change Eating Behaviors?
    type 1 diabetic woman.
    How Diabetes Can Complicate Prenatal Care for Black Women
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    Eating Flavonoid-Rich Foods May Help People With Parkinson's Live Longer
    Woman sleeping.
    Getting Enough Sleep Might Offset Some Risk Factors for Heart Disease
    Eversense E3 continuous glucose monitor on phone screen
    FDA Approves Longest Lasting Continuous Glucose Monitor for Diabetes
    Migraines illustration.
    Researchers Identify New Genetic Risk Factors for Migraines
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    Home Health Aide Shortage Leaves Patients Without Care
    Young woman getting a mammography.
    Pap Smears Could One Day Detect Breast and Ovarian Cancers, Too
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    New CDC Proposal Could Change How Doctors Prescribe Opioids for Pain Treatment
    Young Black person preparing food at home using olive oil
    Diet Affects Colorectal Cancer Risk in Black Communities