The body can be affected before, during, and after pregnancy. Learn more about fertility, pregnancy milestones, labor and delivery, and postpartum.

Shot of a pregnant young woman at appointment with doctor
Everything to Know About the Group B Strep Test
Pregnant woman
Should You Get Amniocentesis?
Woman in hospital bed after giving birth
Puerperal Fever: Overview and More
Woman checking temperature in bed
Basal Body Temperature and Fertility
Pregnant Woman Looking for A snack
15 Healthy Snack Ideas During Pregnancy
Pregnant woman at dentist
What can you do about tooth aches during pregnancy?
Man rubbing pregnant women's foot while sitting on a couch
Swollen Feet During Pregnancy
Woman breastfeeding baby
What Medicines Are Safe to Use While Breastfeeding?
Word LEUKORRHEA composed of wooden letters. Pregnant person in the background
What Is Leukorrhea?
Pregnant young woman holding belly while working from home
Is Yellow Discharge During Pregnancy Something to Worry About?
Asian twin boys
What Are Conjoined Twins?
All About the Endometrial Lining
Doctor meets with woman in medical office
What Is a Transvaginal Ultrasound?
Labor in hospital
What You Should Know About Uterine Rupture
Pregnant women with a doula touching her abdomen
What Is a Doula?
A pregnant person in a hospital bed being kissed on the forehead by a partner.
What Is Hypnobirthing?
Woman in labor
Breech: Types, Risk Factors, Treatment, and Complications
stomach cramps
What Are Implantation Cramps?
Cervical Cancer and Pregnancy
Cervical Cancer and Pregnancy: Fertility, Gestation, and Postpartum
What Do Contractions Feel Like?
Young pregnant woman in the hospital ward and ready to delivery a baby
What Is a C-Section (Cesarean Section)?
Person with brown skin and black hair breastfeeds a baby
What Is Breastfeeding?
Tired woman with her hand to her forehead holding sleeping baby in a rocking chair
What Is Postpartum Depression?
Woman holding contraceptive pills at pharmacy store
Which Birth Control Can I Take While Breastfeeding?
Doctor listening to belly of pregnant woman
What Does It Mean to Have a High-Risk Pregnancy?
Pregnant woman laying down
What Is Lightening?
Pregnant woman with concerned look getting ultrasound scan in doctor's office
What Is Choriocarcinoma?
Doctor shows ultrasound images to pregnant mother
What to Know About Pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis
Pregnant woman sitting in front of laptop
What to Know About Celiac Disease and Pregnancy
Midsection of Pregnant Woman Holding Her Belly
How Does HPV Affect Fertility and Pregnancy?
hypotension pregnancy
Is Low Blood Pressure Dangerous in Pregnancy?
woman using an inhaler with a spacer
How Does Asthma Affect Pregnancy?
Pregnant Woman Holding Stomach on Sofa
Does PCOS Affect Getting Pregnant?
Postpartum Bleeding
Is Postpartum Bleeding Normal?
A pregnant woman discusses trouble breathing with her doctor.
How to Have a Successful Pregnancy With Cystic Fibrosis
A pregnant woman with the flu
How Can the Flu Affect Fertility and Pregnancy?
pregnant person with her hands on her pelvis
How Does UTI Affect Your Pregnancy?
gestational hypertension
How Does High Blood Pressure Affect Your Pregnancy?
Pregnant woman testing blood sugar for diabetes
How Does Diabetes Affect Fertility and Pregnancy?
lightning crotch
What Is Lightning Crotch?
Pregnant woman standing with hand on back
How Does Arthritis Affect Your Pregnancy?
uterine atony
What Is Uterine Atony?
Stretch Marks and Pregnancy
What to Know About Pregnancy Stretch Marks
back labor
What Is Back Labor?
Pregnant person looks at ultrasound photos
What Can Cause Bleeding During Pregnancy?
a woman experiencing stomach pain while lying down on a sofa at home
Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis and Is It Safe?
Midsection of pregnant Black woman holding belly
What to Know About Breast Cancer and Pregnancy
A pregnant woman holds her bump in kitchen window
Treating Diastasis Recti With Physical Therapy
holding pregnant belly
What Is Subchorionic Hemorrhage?
pregnancy massage
Is Prenatal Massage Safe?
chadwick sign
Does Chadwick's Sign Definitely Mean You're Pregnant?
A Black woman and doctor lay their hands on her pregnant belly.
Pregnant With Hashimoto's? Here's What You Need to Know
A image of an ultrasound being performed.
What Is a Missed Miscarriage?
tandem definition
What Is Tandem Breastfeeding?
nonstress test
What Is a Non-Stress Test?
A pregnant woman clutches her back.
Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia: What You Need to Know
Person holding their hands over a swollen abdomen
Phantom Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
Portrait Of Young Woman Looking Through Window At Home
What Kind of Bleeding Happens During Miscarriage?
What Is Deceleration During Labor?
An unseen doctor in a white coat with their hands on the bare abdomen of an unseen pregnant person.
What Is ECV? (External Cephalic Version)