Why Walmart+ Is Simply Rx for Less

Signing up for Walmart+ can save you money—and more—when filling prescriptions.

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It might seem strange that a service developed to deliver groceries and offer discounts on gas is now the best way to get affordable prescriptions. On closer inspection, however, there is a sort of thematic throughline for everything included in a Walmart+ membership. Rx for less is simply the latest—and arguably, the most effective—way in which the program can save you money and time. 

What really caught our eye about Rx for less with Walmart+ is that it offers select prescriptions for no cost at all. Naturally, we immediately scanned down to the fine print, expecting to see a long list of caveats or that the only free prescriptions were obscure enough to only help out a tiny number of people. What we found was a lot more encouraging. 

When you realize the mission of Walmart+ is to make life more convenient and less expensive, it makes perfect sense that it would bring pharmacies into the fold. So many resources go toward maintaining your health, which presents countless opportunities to save time and money. There is a small catch. In order to enjoy the savings associated with a Walmart+ membership, you might have to take a moment to switch pharmacies, but a quick look at all the benefits reveals just how much this tiny investment of time will pay off. 

As for the caveats, the only major one is that because of state laws, the free prescriptions cost two whole dollars in California—hardly a dealbreaker. Plus, the free prescriptions are widely used medications for blood pressure, diabetes and mental health, as well as a couple of highly effective antibiotics. 

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Of course, your prescriptions might cover conditions or ailments beyond the ones listed above. While your medication won’t be totally free, you can expect to save up to 85% of what you’re currently paying for them. Don’t worry: nothing will change about you medication, aside from its price tag. 

A Walmart+ membership can save you some serious headaches, and not only for those picking up migraine medication. Once your free trial ends, you’ll have access to a digital pharmacy savings card, in which all the information relevant to your prescriptions is stored on your phone. That means that when you pick up your prescription, all you have to do is open the app and show it to the associate working at the pharmacy. 

This easy-to-navigate app saves you time spent in the pharmacy, but Walmart+ can also cut down on the time you spend driving to and from the pharmacy, given that you will have access to more than 4,000 eligible Walmart pharmacies. The odds are pretty high that one of those pharmacies is pretty close to your home or office, and will perfectly fit into your routine. 

In fact, because the pharmacies are associated with Walmart, you can pick up your prescriptions at the same time you do your grocery shopping. Although once you’re a Walmart+ member, you will have the option to have your groceries delivered to your home for free.

Nothing is more important than your health. But wouldn’t you rather spend time and money enjoying your good health, not just maintaining it? The savings from Walmart+ make that—and a whole lot more—possible. Take a look at all the benefits that come with a membership.

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